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Why choose physiotherapy?

What we do?

• Veterinary Physiotherapy is a science and evidence based profession, where a number of techniques are used to restore and maintain normal function, mobility, and performance of the body. 
• We have a broad knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics and physiology, combined with musculoskeletal injury and diseases. 
• These skills are used to assess your animal holistically, using static and dynamic assessment to visually detect movement abnormality and palpate muscular and skeletal abnormalities.
• Findings are then used alongside your animals veterinary history to treat them and create a bespoke remedial exercise plan.

How we do it?

Physiotherapists use a huge variety of tools, including:

Manual therapies 
Remedial exercise 
Management advice 

What this does for your animal?

Reduce muscle tenon and spasms

Increases blood flow to the treated area, and helps to remove build up muscular waste products

Relieves pain, and releases feel good endorphins into the body

Provides physical and mental relaxation

Restores, improves and maintains joint range of movement

Kick starts the healing process in the body

Increases muscle tone and condition

Increases suppleness and flexibility through the body

Helps to prevent future injuries by improving gait biomechanics

 This is relevant for ALL animals, particularly those who have been injured, or those who are showing behavioural changes or poor performance. Many cases we see are on a maintenance basis, to help keep your horses performing at their peak consistently.

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